Ever wonder how did we humans get from Horse Back to Race Cars? What made it possible to travel in a matter of minutes which you used to be a day’s journey? How we got from fetching water from wells to turning the tap for water at our home?This comforts if the Morden life is made possible by the huge infrastructure projects undertaken by us humans from time to time.Roads, from smallapproaches to Express Highways, connects us from our door to the lands at large; Irrigation provides waters to our homes and agriculture fields and Pipeline of Gas for cooking and running vehicles.

Since its incorporation in 2001 Rachana Infrastructure Ltd, have time to time proven its mettle and strength in the field of Infrastructure.We have acclaimed experience and expertise in the field of road construction. Consistently building more than a 100Lane Kms of roads every year since past five years, including both Flexible (Bituminous) Pavement and Rigid (Cement Concrete) Pavement. We have carried out work for Pipeline lying and also having work experience in irrigation projects.

We own all the equipment man power and more importantly a will. We command a flight of latest machinery that empowers us to undertake mammoth tasks of road building. With over 400 employees and growing every year we have an established and motivated work force, which is not only a team but also a family.

We have successfully completed projects in various departments of Government and some of our satisfied clients are Public Works Department Madhya Pradesh, Road and Building Department of Gujarat State, Madhya Pradesh Road Development Corporation, Power Grid Corporation of India, Gujarat Minerals Development Corporation, Road Construction Department Jharkhand, ONGC Petro-Additions Limited, Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation, and Ahmedabad Urban Development Corporation etc.

With a very good credential and qualification criteria, we have been awarded and have undertaken Major Projects, Financed by State Government, Central Government and also International Banks like Asian Development Bank.