Introduction and Background of Managing Director

The Founder and Managing Director of Rachana Infrastructure Ltd, Shri Girishbhai O Raval comes from a very humble background. Being a son of a farmer he is no stranger to the fruits of hard works and labour, and working in the farm in childhood days has strengthen him. This has accustomed him to the hardships of the works of construction and infrastructures projects, and this he believes is one of the key factor in his success as a contractor. He is a believer of that working smart is as necessary, as he was a bright student who scored a high merit and was awarded a Government Job not once but twice.In the mid1980s, he served as a Government School Teacher and also started taking small contracts from the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation. With the successful results of his hard work in small contracts and with a vision to undertake bigger orders, he took the bold decision to quit his Government Job.He founded and started the work with the proprietary firm Rachana Construction Co. which was later incorporated to Rachana Infrastructure Ltd in 2001. With the experience of construction projects he is a self-made technical professional with practical insights and understandings of works and projects. And since then Rachana Infrastructure Ltd under the Leadership of Managing Director Shri Girishbhai O Raval has achieved new milestone and greater heights with every passing year.

Shri Girishbhai O Raval

Message from Managing Director

“Infrastructure is the backbone of the Economy. Our country as compared to other Developed countries lags behind when it comes to Infrastructure and related facilities, but in the recent years the Indian Infrastructure has got a boost by many progressive policies and initiatives of the Government.

In the statements of Ministry of Road Transport and Highway and National Highway Authority of India, it is stated that the Government of India has estimated an expenditure (in FY 2018-19) of Rs. 71000 Crores (Rupees Seventy One thousand Crores) for the Roads and Highway Sector and the cumulative Investments and Expenditure on Roads and Highways sector is likely to cross Rs. 2,00,000Crores(Two Lac Crores) in coming years.

With the higher and more ambitious targets of Government we are expecting the rise in the industry overall and for our company to also the take more orders/projects and increase the turnover and presence in the near future.

We at Rachana are a team and all over employees are like a family, and we believe as the people connected to us are giving their best, we also ensure to provide them with opportunities for personal and professional growth in the Company.

We believe that the best way to give backto the society is in the form of education. It has the potential to transform the lives offuture generations. Hence, the Directors of Rachana Infrastructure Ltd have undertaken theCorporate Social Responsibility (CSR) of ‘promotionof education’ with the help of OM Landmark International School (CBSE) and Girish Raval College of Science at MotaChiloda,Gandhinagar Gujarat.

We at Rachana Infrastructure Ltd with our consistence focus on quality and safety try to transform The Road Less Travelled to the Road most preferred. “